Estimating The Cost Of Resurfacing The Tennis Court


Tennis courts are heaven for sports enthusiasts. If you are one of them, you are aware of the impact of a tennis court, a battle on the tennis court, and the strokes; all are worth it. Over all these years of extreme exertion, the courts are due to age. No player would have ever wondered how much does a tennis court cost. However, this is a great debate for contractors resurfacing the tennis courts.

This blog post brings you an estimated cost of resurfacing the tennis courts.

Resurfacing A Tennis Court – The Ultimate Solution

Gone are the days of that old asphalt and concrete tennis courts. ZS Floor, a renowned flooring manufacturer, brings you top-notch tiles for resurfacing your ragged tennis courts. Offering you a variety, ZS tennis court tiles are elegantly designed. These are the perfect alternatives because of easy installation, no maintenance, and longevity. With the technically designed tiles full filling all the kinematic and physical parameters, the ball bounces back to the max, making the Floor a perfect place for a tennis battle.

Cost Estimation Of Court Resurfacing With ZS Floor Tennis Court Tiles

ZS Floor is one of the few manufacturers providing incredible products and unmatchable, brilliant customer service. Since resurfacing a whole court needs extra effort in terms of money as well, the company offers you something exciting.

Execute your resurfacing plans without constraining your budget. Get bulk of tennis court tiles at factory rate. The factory prices reduce the hefty charges and release you from investing a lot. It benefits the contractors greatly, creating a huge profit margin for them.

You can grab most of the ZS Floor products at unbelievably nominal rates. Costs you as low as 9 to 25 $ / Sq. Meter, the ZS Floor is an affordable resurfacing alternative. If you want a mid-range tennis court resurfacing, not using high-end products, a full tennis court costs you $3,700. The best part about investing this amount is its use in making or resurfacing a multi-sports court.

This cost estimation owes to the tile and installment expenditure. Before installing ZS Floor tennis court tiles, the contractor will thoroughly examine the court and check it for other expenditures. There might be some breakage, mold, or fungus accumulation that needs to be done before tiles placement. Be prepared for side expanses costing you the make-up necessary before placing the tiles. The labor cost is another important consideration too.

The overall resurfacing or overhauling would cost you around $4000 +.


You don’t need to look for quotations from different vendors. We have brought you the most affordable solution for cutting down your tiring tours inquiring about the resurfacing prices from different vendors. ZS Floor is the name of trust and economy. Bringing you resurfacing solution is the most affordable price; ZS Floor doesn’t let you wander anywhere else. All its products fall in the range of 9 to 25$/ Square meter. If you wish to see a brand new tennis court, contact ZS Floor and get your court done for almost $3,700.


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