How to Winterize and Store your Pressure Washer


To enjoy the warranty and keep it valid, you need to store your electric or gas pressure washer, whether heavy or medium-duty. In this article, you will get all you need to winterize your machine in five minutes and have its warranty cover it. Your pressure washer machine will begin its job again after the winter period is over.

You will buy the machine with an owner’s manual to give you more details on winterizing your pressure machine model. Here you will only get the general information in the text form to help you start the process.

Why do you have to start winterizing your pressure washer machine? The main aim of preparing your machine for the freezing temperatures ahead is to protect internal seals. You will keep them lubricated when they aren’t in use.

Keeping the pressure washer machines in the cold seasons can damage the internal seals badly. It can crack the pipe system and render your pressure washer machine inoperable. The remaining ethanol in the fuel tank or fuel lines in the cold weather can result in significant issues like pipe corrosion.

The 5 easy steps you can use to winterize a gas pressure washing machine

If you plan to abandon your pressure washer machine for the coming 30 days, you need to store it well. Proper storage will protect the engine and bring the machine to life after that period. You need a fuel stabilizer and get rid of water and detergents from the machine’s pump systems.

Start by adding the fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank and run the machine’s engine for two minutes to spread the stabilizer in the machine’s fuel system. Remove the cleaning solution and water from the machine’s water system.

Connect the washer machine to the garden horse the way you usually do while cleaning. Place the detergent feed tube in a container or bucket having clean water instead of the average soapy detergent tank. Turn the pressure washer on and take on the spray gun trigger. Use the low-pressure nozzle (white in color) and allow the machine to run for some minutes while cleaning the detergent system. Turn off the water supply and disconnect from the inlet pump. Pull the trigger to get rid of all water from the machine’s water system.

The last step is the addition of the antifreeze pump saver to the inlet pump. Do this if you feel that the temperatures will drop to the freezing point. The anti-freezer will protect the machine from cold temperatures and the buildup of mineral deposits.

Make sure you grease the machine well in the respective bearings. As you store the machine, check on its physical security. The machine shouldn’t be directly on the ground. You can place it on top of a metal or wooden stand. The area should be free from falling objects that can destroy it.


It’s vital to keep your machine safe when not in use for a period of more than 30 days. Poor storage will leave the machine open to destruction either by rust or freezing temperatures.


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