LED Wall Packs Lights Buyer’s Guide


LED Wall Pack Lights help to brighten up the darkest corners of the buildings. These lights instantly add energy to your house. The pedestrians feel safe if these lights are used around the commercial areas as these lights brighten the surroundings like the sun in the daytime. These lights have replaced traditional sodium lights. They have high-quality and long life along with stylish features and that is why popular as classic modern LED lights. If you do not own LED wall packs light, then it is the right time to buy one to enhance the vibes of your surroundings.

Product Suggestions & Buyer’s Guide

You will learn about some of the awesome products in this section.

1. 40W LED Wall Pack Light

This light is a classic style with good illumination on buildings, terraces, gardens, and walkways. It consumes 65% less energy than traditional halide lights. It is made of diecast aluminum that is corrosion resistant and turns on and off automatically sensing the day and night. It uses borosil glass that doesn’t discolor with time.

2. 135W Full Cutoff LED Wall pack Light

Full Cutoff LED Wall pack Light is a 135W wall pack light that works in compliance with the dark sky. It has polycarbonate optical lenses that are UV stabilized making it highly durable. These lights have five years of warranty and are an ideal companion for your buildings, garages, garden, terrace, etc.

3. 25W LED Wall Pack

These lights are energy efficient and use a UV-stabilized optical lens. It has a clean and simple design with high performance. It showcases crisp lighting and is ideal for walkways, doorways, security lighting, and storage areas. It has a daylight sensor cap that automatically turns off during the day and turns on during the night.

4. 27W Adjustable LED Slim Wall Pack Light

27W adjustable LED slim wall pack light has a full cutoff low-profile style that has bright light and energy-efficient LEDs. You can use them in commercial Complexes, schools & Universities, Security Lighting, Tall buildings, Wall Washing, parking lots, and garages. It has five years warranty.

5. 25W LED Mini Wall Pack

It has automatic on and off operation during sunset and sunrise. The in-built photocell does this function perfectly. Its weight is 3 lbs. and has five years of warranty. With 3,100 lumens and 25W input, this mini wall pack is a good deal for you. It has a bronze coating to prevent corrosion.

6. 95W Lighting LED Wall Pack Light

This light has one piece of silicon gasket to seal the optical chamber to ensure uniform distribution of the light. You can use these lights in warehouses, commercial buildings, gas stations, parking lots, etc. The brand is Howard Lighting which gives five years of warranty with an efficacy of 126 LM/W.


Revolveled is the brand that has all these lights at affordable prices. You can buy from them because they have a strong reputation in this field. They have helped many customers find their perfect lights. They have high-quality LEDs that have a long life and save your electricity bill. If you are worried about your security, you can always rely on revolevled for the best-LED lights.


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